Thank you Cohen, et al. Keep on keepin’ on and we’ll stay with you!


SS will be cut, and additionally, medicare and/or medicaid will be slashed (possibly unemployment, too. Coz the 2008 crash created an epidemic of laziness, not the highest unemployment since the Great Depression.)

And it’ll probably be signed around midnight on New Years Eve. Just like the NDAA was. Clever trick there.


How pragmatic. And shame on the New Deal ideological purists.

——-“Matt Stoller ‏@matthewstoller

The rich will consent to have their taxes raised a bit as long as a bunch of poor old people die. Compromise!”——-


———” Matt Stoller ‏@matthewstoller

If now outraged Obama voters had made protecting entitlements a condition of support, Obama wouldn’t be about to kill a bunch of people.—————–”

It’s my fault. It’s your fault. It’s everyone’s fault and nobody’s fault.


Please become another Matt Stoller.

Goodbye social security and Democratic Party. I see you circling the drain.

I spoke to you on the phone once, around Y2K. I was only 18 years old.

Me: Hello? (I didn’t actually say hello…I said something different. You can remember why.)
You: This is Steve Cohen.
Me: Uhh…ok?
You: You know who I am, right?
Me: Um, no.
You: (insert relevant info. You were frustrated, for good reason.)
Me: Oh, wow, thanks!

End of conversation. (And yes, I did end up becoming politically active. Good advice you gave me there.)

I’m athena1 at firedoglake. I started the Occupy Memphis facebook page. I haven’t thanked you for protecting our occupation, by the way. Thank you. I mean that. I was sleeping out there with my kids (had to in order to occupy – because, poverty), and I was hoping I wasn’t risking their lives/sanity by exposing them to rubber bullets and teargas. Mentally ill homeless people I can deal with; a para-militarized police force sicked on the 99%? A bit out of my league.

Every New Years and 4th in the inner city, we play a fun game known as “Gunshots? Or Fireworks?” (The answer is obvious the rest of the year.) There is an apt metaphor here. All we leftie bloggers in Congressional Progressive Caucus zones are wondering about You Guys “Neoliberal hack? Or Revolutionary?”

I have decided for myself that you are the latter and not the former. Congratulations. But the 99% needs something from you. We need you to be willing to speak out against the Great Betrayal. We need you to disclose the 100% truth. We need you to do it LOUDLY and PROUDLY. We need you to know we’ll go Green Party in a Wall Street Second if you need us to. We are behind you.