December 2012

SS will be cut, and additionally, medicare and/or medicaid will be slashed (possibly unemployment, too. Coz the 2008 crash created an epidemic of laziness, not the highest unemployment since the Great Depression.)

And it’ll probably be signed around midnight on New Years Eve. Just like the NDAA was. Clever trick there.


How pragmatic. And shame on the New Deal ideological purists.


——-“Matt Stoller ‏@matthewstoller

The rich will consent to have their taxes raised a bit as long as a bunch of poor old people die. Compromise!”——-


———” Matt Stoller ‏@matthewstoller

If now outraged Obama voters had made protecting entitlements a condition of support, Obama wouldn’t be about to kill a bunch of people.—————–”

It’s my fault. It’s your fault. It’s everyone’s fault and nobody’s fault.


Please become another Matt Stoller.