November 2010

A vast majority of major national school systems are consolidated. Have some courage, MCS board members. You’ll kill your job, but you’ll be heroes. We won’t forget you. For one moment, lay aside your rational self interest; that’s BS anyway – we’re a social species.

Please, please take one for the team, here and now. Be willing to do a Kamikazi on your own job for the sake of Memphis. The Memphis electorate just recently proved to be wise by electing Cohen – please, MSC board, don’t show us that we are, in fact, fools.

Do the right thing. Kamikazi your own jobs in the name of creating tax equity for Memphis families.


Wharton’s saying that consolidating the schools would overall be bad “downstream”? And Whalum is against it for unknown reasons?

Look, guys: SCS is posturing to engage in another act of (Yeah! I’m going there!) class warfare. I’m familiar with this. My own parents engaged in a similar act (which I now see as legal tax evasion) when I was 6 years old and we moved to Germantown. And yes, they were some racist bastards. My mother, now that she’s divorced from my semi-sociopathic father (and is now poor and living close to me in the inner city) is repentant.

Fuck the white flight Shelby County traitors.

You, in the county…we outnumber you.


Your days of legal tax evasion are numbered.


The reform raised the minimum retirement age to 62 from 60.

And they RIOT over that. All across Europe, the US-based  (IMF) “austerity” demands, attempting to turn Europe into the US, are sparking RIOTS.

I frown upon the riots, and think they should just use democracy to achieve their ends, but I do admire their aware and awake public.

Riots/protests in Spain:

Alternative to austerity:

Maybe I’m becoming a firebagger. The Tea Party is officially enemies with “establishment Republicans”. And I genuinely wish them well (as I hope they become a little less crazy over time).

Down with the hypocrites who claim to love “small government” but really want big gov to support their corporate interests at the expense of the working man/woman.

To hell with them.

I think we on the right and on the left share one common problem – our elites lie to us. They say they’re about what we’re about, but it’s a game to them – because they’re mostly all just corporatists.

I really don’t give a shit if I’m called a firebagger. I think the Tea Party is nuts and usually fueled by misinformation, but their calling out “establishment Republicans” for being the hypocrites they are is genuinely awesome. It’s about time that the “common right”  noticed that the “elite, professional right” was all about promoting big gov.


(picture shown: not of expected Bass Pro Shop, but rather of the resort city planners neglected.)

I’m as guilty as everyone else. A year or so ago I was a perfect case report of civic apathy.

But if you’ll allow me to push all that to the side, really? Another Bass Pro Shop? Bass Pro shops are proving to be quite the scandal with regard to corporate welfare.

City officials courted/entertained  Bass Pro and them only, it appears. Other deals were ignored.

I don’t know if it’s too late now or not. I hope it’s not.

Where are the “moderate/conservative” Democratic voters who are saying Obama’s been “too leftist”? For that matter, where are the independents who voted for Obama but found his actions to be too far to the left?

They don’t exist. Obama’s in hot water because he presented himself as a leftist progressive, but it looks like it was a bait and switch. The right is mad because of what he campaigned upon (remember “spread the wealth around”? wrt progressive taxation?), and no amount of appeasement now will fix that. The left is mad because of the bait and switch.

My god, what a bunch of dupes we all are. I know I’m late to the progressive Obama Haters Party, but I come with great enthusiasm now, at least. And my, uh, alarm clock didn’t go off and I got caught in traffic. Or something.

The establishment corporatists keep winning. Over and over again. Via the democratic party many times.

It’s seeming increasingly likely that they’ve taken over both the repubs and the dems. We folks who believe that the government should function to help MOST of the citizens (as opposed to gov’s primary purpose being to redistribute wealth upward to the elite) face a binary decision:

0) take back the democratic party


1) organize elsewhere.

I don’t know. Tough call.

In the wake of 1) an oppressive abomination of healthcare “reform”, and 2) nothing positive coming from the dems otherwise, the mood among the swing and leftist voters was grim, and they stayed home.

The concensus was very Arnaud Amalric:

“Kill them all and let God sort them out.”

The interesting question is if the present soup of politicians will repeal the mandate.

The insurance industry has an opinion:

Even insurers, which were vilified by Democrats in passing the reforms, said they don’t want a repeal, even as they push for clarity on forthcoming rules and seek additional changes.

Cigna Corp CEO David Cordani and Aetna Inc President Mark Bertolini both urged the nation to move forward on the overhaul.


I feel like an ass, because I knew from the beginning that Obama was courting the insurance industry (and pharma) . I assumed he was going to do the right thing in the end, and I guess I was wrong. I knew the insurance industry willingly accepted their role as “bad guys” and pretended to protest reform, and then massively spiked thier rates in several stated to get the bill passed.

Read this. Please. Please.

I think he’s right, and I don’t care that the author is a rightwinger. EVERYTHING playing out now fits his hypothesis perfectly.

If the Republicans manage to repeal the mandate in spite of the corporate interests, I’ll shit a brick. Furthermore, I’ll re-think which party is comprised of more corporate whores. If the Dems turn out to be more anti-working class, more pro-corporate than the Repubs, then…well, I don’t know what to think. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

But I doubt they will make a serious effort to do so.

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