Maybe I’m becoming a firebagger. The Tea Party is officially enemies with “establishment Republicans”. And I genuinely wish them well (as I hope they become a little less crazy over time).

Down with the hypocrites who claim to love “small government” but really want big gov to support their corporate interests at the expense of the working man/woman.

To hell with them.

I think we on the right and on the left share one common problem – our elites lie to us. They say they’re about what we’re about, but it’s a game to them – because they’re mostly all just corporatists.

I really don’t give a shit if I’m called a firebagger. I think the Tea Party is nuts and usually fueled by misinformation, but their calling out “establishment Republicans” for being the hypocrites they are is genuinely awesome. It’s about time that the “common right”  noticed that the “elite, professional right” was all about promoting big gov.