Where are the “moderate/conservative” Democratic voters who are saying Obama’s been “too leftist”? For that matter, where are the independents who voted for Obama but found his actions to be too far to the left?

They don’t exist. Obama’s in hot water because he presented himself as a leftist progressive, but it looks like it was a bait and switch. The right is mad because of what he campaigned upon (remember “spread the wealth around”? wrt progressive taxation?), and no amount of appeasement now will fix that. The left is mad because of the bait and switch.

My god, what a bunch of dupes we all are. I know I’m late to the progressive Obama Haters Party, but I come with great enthusiasm now, at least. And my, uh, alarm clock didn’t go off and I got caught in traffic. Or something.

The establishment corporatists keep winning. Over and over again. Via the democratic party many times.

It’s seeming increasingly likely that they’ve taken over both the repubs and the dems. We folks who believe that the government should function to help MOST of the citizens (as opposed to gov’s primary purpose being to redistribute wealth upward to the elite) face a binary decision:

0) take back the democratic party


1) organize elsewhere.

I don’t know. Tough call.