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NPR says:

The defeat of many Blue Dogs leaves white Southern Democrats without much of a voice — but the Progressive Caucus, which retained nearly all its members, will likely gain clout.


So, maybe, life and lemons and lemonaide and all that.

I was raised Republican, and considered myself unwaveringly Republican until Dean was running for POTUS. He was on TV, kind of ranting about how Democrats need to BE Democrats, and get back to what being Democrats is supposed to mean; a living wage, unions, the common man, honor and decency – and all of a sudden, listening to Howard Dean, something clicked in my head, and I realised that what he was talking about wasn’t evil, or “out there”, or unrealistic.

We need someone to eloquently articulate the road ahead for us now. Obama ain’t it, I don’t think. But we need someone, and we need them fast, I think. I’m no fan of the Tea Party – I think they’re crazycakes. But I think some of their popularity has to do confused populist outrage. Far right business interests were smart to tap into that ASAP. And I suspect that for every TeaPartier out there, there’s someone else mad, but they’re not quite sure who, exactly to be mad at. They just know that almost everyone in the political elite seems to be profoundly full of shit. And they, I think, would get behind an HONEST, no bullshit, truthful Democratic message.

We need leadership now more than ever.

America voted for Obama with his, YES, “progressive”, populist agenda and message (and to hell with all the people saying he always presented himself as center-right. That’s bullshit. He told progressives he was progressive. If we were fools to believe it, so be it. Just don’t accuse us of imaging the whole thing.) America OVERWHELMINGLY responded to that message. It’s not like that core NEED has been satisfied by the right; the right just looks less shady than the “center dems” to the confused average guy at the moment, and for good reason. We on the left should probably be ashamed, too, I think. I was never in favor of the “public option pledge” but I think the fact that it wasn’t honored is shameful. The fact that we were never honest about the importance of the public option is even worse. That sort of “strategy” sucks, and tolerating it got us screwed. And I don’t really care about arguments from the “center” about how we on the left are too into “idealogical purity”. The notion that “Hey, let’s not be two-faced scumbags, coz it makes us rightfully look  untrustworthy and leads to us getting screwed” isn’t that outlandish or “idealogical”.