Are we really one of the most miserable cities?

Doesn’t that depend on who you ask?

I got an email from AC asking me to write Forbes and explain that Memphis is a city of joy. I didn’t do it.  I’m not sure it’s true. I find it quite plausible that Memphis really is one of the most miserable cities in the US. Maybe not if you’re part of the political elite, or if you’re white and living in Cooper Young or midtown…

Here around Summer and Tillman, there’s a lot of misery and a lot of joy.  The tales of misery are too personal for me to tell. The tales of joy are beautiful. Suffice to say, everyhouse  BBQ is a block party. If you light up your grill, you will meet your neighbors, and should be prepared. If you’re walking down the street just looking to get some exercise, be prepared to be offered a free hotdog. 🙂 People are really, really friendly. 🙂

It’s “that bad” and “ain’t so bad” at the same time. A vast majority of folks around here are ok, at least in their own way, if not bona fide good people.

So here’s to the spring block parties to come, where our kids will play in front yard pools and sprinkers, and we’ll eat hot dogs and sausages. Yes, someone will be shot on the street probably sometime this year, but it won’t be random. So be a good neighbor but keep safe.

Here’s to spring in majority Memphis.