And then, before the words were out of his mouth, he said, “But we’ve got to do something about health care costs. My wife has breast cancer. She got it 11 years ago. Our insurance is $2,000 a month. We couldn’t afford it if our employer weren’t helping us do that. So we’ve got to do something.”

And that’s about — that’s where we are. But we think to do that we have to start by taking the current bill and putting it on the shelf and starting from a clean sheet of paper.

I also think we should consider starting again from scratch. Look at chart 11-7. Everyone else is able to get the same healthcare we get for their WHOLE POLULATION, by paying what we pay for Medicare and Medicaid alone. I think we need to go back to the drawing board and ask “How do they do it?” and emulate it.

Part of how they do it, I know, is overt rationing. Rationing sucks, but overt rationing is better than covert rationing.

Overt, transparent rationing + the freedom to buy extra healthcare = the answer.

Let’s get real. Let’s support HR 676. The other proposals aren’t going to work, and are just going to make “us” look bad in the end, because they’re just going to make it all more expensive. We NEED healthcare rationing, and we NEED it to be transparent. THAT’S how you reduce costs. We also need the freedom to buy “extra” healthcare, and need to give doctors the freedom to recommend the treatments they find ideal. This is messy, tricky stuff, but it’s not unworkable. It’s not hopeless. We can do this. We just need to get real.