Two websites on consolidation.

One, more pro (as far as I can tell):

Good website. It could use a bit more meat, though, in terms of facts.

Stuff like this:

Why are some people talking about this now?
Some elected officials and community leaders believe that the current economic crisis calls for government to be more productive, efficient and responsive, and that our community’s future depends on our ability to act with shared ambition and unified purpose. They think that a totally new government should be explored as a means to these ends.

And this:

Aren’t there other options to improve government?
Some people have suggested that more annexations by Memphis or more contracts between city and county government would be better. Mayor Wharton says that based on his experience and research to date about other communities, it appears to him that the improvement that produces the greatest impact is a unified Memphis and Shelby County Government — eliminating fragmentation and duplication, producing more accountability, powering economic growth, and eliminating the divisiveness of race and geography that all people of good will want to end.

…isn’t really useful information. HOW would it produce more accountability? HOW would it power economic growth? Claiming that it would result in “eliminating the divisiveness of race” seems fundamentally implausible. In fact, I can see (sadly) it making things worse on that end, in the short term, at least.

Ok, now the anticonsolidation website:

Same sort of thing coming from the other side, now. This page is full of potentially interesting facts, but without sources, it’s not helpful. And claims like this:

Loss of a sense of community

To who? I’ve lived all over the metro area, and Cooper Young is the only area where I’ve gotten a “sense of community” anyway. And I doubt consolidation is going to cramp the CY hipsters’ style.

So, to the pro-consolidationists and the anti-consolidationists, y’all could both be making stronger cases. Give me a vision of how it could be great, or terrible, or whatever.