On September 4th at 10 PM Memphis has the dubious honor of being visited by the Misinformation Express.

Looking into who these people are, you can see on the “about” part of their website:

Vice Chairman, Our Country Deserves Better PAC
Who’s he?

Towards the end of the rally, Williams invoked a long-discredited smear against Obama that seems designed to play on fears of his “otherness”: that he’s not really a U.S. citizen. “We all know that Barack Obama is not qualified to be president of the United States, beyond being above the age of 35 and probably an American citizen,” said Williams, emphasizing the word “probably.” He laughed and then repeated: “Probably. Even money.”

A birther.
Williams’ tendency to make sensational — and sometimes offensive and misleading — comments is well documented. On his blog, Williams refers to Obama as “Barack bin al Hussein Osama O’Bomber,” a “domestic insurgent” and the “Jihadian Candidate.”
And according to his wiki quote page:
“The Left’s experiment in training Americans to be passive and expect the government to do absolutely everything for them has been overwhelmingly successful in creating an infantile mindset, with the result being that in New Orleans and entire segment of the population, mostly black – the Left’s guinea pigs in this endeavor — apparently no longer have the requisite brains and common sense to get out of the way of a Category 5 hurricane.”
On Hurricane Katrina (9 September 2005 CNN HN)
Outlandish conspiracy theories spiced with a heaping dose of racism for good measure. This is what the right has been reduced to.
Christ on a cracker.
If it’s possible to be gobsmacked by stupidity then I am exactly that.