7 PM, on Channel 5.

I won’t be able to watch it live, as I’ll be attending week 3 of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center’s Grassroots Organizer Training workshop, but I’m recording it.

While I’m not exactly saddened by Herenton’s decision not to actually run to replace himself, his presence in the debate would probably add a lot in terms of entertainment value. It should still be interesting, either way. In particular, it should be interesting to see if Lowery elaborates upon his implication that Wharton has been “in cahoots” with Herenton. While I’m not quite sure what to make of all the Lowery drama, a platform of “the Anti-Herenton” might actually give him a shot at being elected if he plays his cards just right and to the right audiences. But if he wants to paint himself as the slayer of corruption and cronyism, he should probably consider naming some names and going into some specifics. His actions and statements thus far have left me going “Huh” in a terribly anti-climactic kind of way…sort of the political equivalent of an interesting movie where, at the end, instead of a resolution, the audience finds that it was really all just a dream.