From the Commercial Appeal

When parents registered their children for the Shelby County Schools earlier this month, some received a flier urging them to attend a town-hall meeting on school funding.

The fliers, it turns out, were paid for by Shelby County tax dollars, and were, according to County Commissioner Steve Mulroy:

“It was lobbying, propaganda against Plan B,” Mulroy said.

And then at the end they say…

Meeting on school funding

The next meeting on school funding is set for 6:30 p.m. Aug. 24 at Houston High School. It’s sponsored by the Shelby County Council PTA and will feature David Pickler as speaker. He’s an opponent of the funding plan known as “Plan B.”

Those with different views may hold their own town-hall meetings.


Now, to be fair, right there before the end, the president of the Shelby County Council PTA said anyone was welcome to come to the meeting at Houston High, and the meetings “aren’t meant to be biased”. But what’s with the last line of the article, stating  “Those with different views may hold their own town-hall meetings“? Perhaps it was an editorial oversight on the part of the CA, but it certainly seems to give the impression that the actual purpose of the meeting is more or less strictly to rally the residents outside of the city limits into opposing Plan B, and if you don’t like it, start your own town hall meeting.

Perhaps due to recent events, they fear having their own meeting “teabaggered”. Which, while it would honestly be pretty funny, is not a realistic fear, as such low-brow techniques are below progressives.