But one day later, he made a phone call to a local radio show to get something off his chest.  Herenton told WDIA’s Bobby O’Jay that, despite the morning talk show host’s chatter, he’s not crazy and he doesn’t have a drug problem.

“I have a right to pull a petition and not be accused of not being in my right state of mind,” Herenton said.

Wait, it gets better…


And then he asked for a little respect.

I’m very secure,” he said. “I don’t have a power need. If I did, I would not have retired.”



Friday, Action News 5 went to clinical psychologist Rebecca Rutledge to get her professional opinion on if the former mayor’s up and down behavior signals a personality disorder.

“If he is really intending to run for mayor, he has some characteristics of narcissism,” she said. “He might see himself as special, entitled, probably does not believe anyone can do his job as good as he can.”

If this sounds familiar, this is what mayor Herenton had to say on his last day in office:

“I’ve been a fantastic mayor,” he said

“To come behind me is going to be a hard act,” he added later.

If you don’t buy the personality disorder, Rutledge says there could be another explanation: he’s trying to toy with Memphis.

“Either that, or he’s just playing a cruel joke on his former colleagues,” she said.