The day before yesterday, vibnic gave a rundown of the candidates here.

I’m not really happy with any of our choices. The only one I see addressing infant mortality is Wanda Halbert, which can be seen (warning:  Thaddeus Matthews for those allergic) here. 

They all talk about “fixing crime” but sadly, none seem to have a real plan with a chance of curbing the problem significantly. Unless I’m missing something, these candidates are mostly planning on being a continuation of Herenton.

Tom over at SCM said a couple of weeks ago that Memphis needs it’s own version of a Barak Obama, and I agree. We need someone with a bright vision for Memphis’ future, and the intellect to make it happen. And it should, preferably, be a black man or woman, in my opinion, for a whole host of reasons.

At the moment, Wanda Halbert seems to be coming closest. I need to see more from her, though, to really want to rally behind her.

If anyone knows she actually sucks, now would be a good time to show me.